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Aromatic Essentials™ was established in 1989, in the small Southwest town of Harvey, Western Australia. It all started with a toddler, a rash and a hippy! The Nappy Rash Balm was my first creation, and it worked wonders for my baby, and others too. No such thing as disposables, back then.
I’ve raised my children to consider alternative therapies to strengthen their immunity, to avoid as much as possible life-threatening illness and diseases. Gods garden has everything we could ever need to heal oneself but prevention is way easier!

My thirst for knowledge on all things natural has resulted in some magical herbal potions over the decades. Ethical, natural, and quality like this is a rare commodity now. I love most that I can help people with my craft, to enjoy life a little more.

I am forever striving for perfectionism. So, at the very least, my products are pretty amazing!

Yep, checks ALL the boxes.

  • Vegan

  • Palm oil free

  • Organic

  • Cruelty free

  • Australian owned

  • Ethically Sourced

  • Ethically manufactured

  • No Chemicals

*Every ingredient that does not originate from the earth, is considered a chemical.

*No animal or insect has been tortured in the making of these decadent, luxurious 100% natural products.

* Honest labelling

You want the best value for money, whilst avoiding anything ‘dodgy’, impure, and harmful.

I get it! 

Your family depends on you for wholesome products that help, not harm. It can be exhausting scouring the planet for one that ticks all the boxes, thankfully, here you are!

All the research has been done for you, a.k.a “lust for learning”, so you don’t have to worry.

Over 30 years creatively infusing to ensure every drop is golden, pure, authentic and safe? I’m here to tell you, your search is over!

Organic homegrown herbs, pure essential oils, floral waters, and plant oils are in every product. No fillers, shortcuts or chemicals.

Certification means all ingredients have been investigated. All suppliers approved, Certified Vegan, Cruelty free and Palm oil free. 

So many reasons why Aromatic Essentials™ is so loved.  Profits are donated to animal shelters, soaps to those in need.