Products safe for dogs
Great care and dedicated research to ensure all ingredients are of the highest quality standards. All ingredients are considered safe for canines if used as directed.  I use them on my own dogs  who are loved like my children. I understand that when there’s something wrong it can be very stressful.

Oh and if they lick the balm, it’s a shame, but not dangerous.

As a concerned parent you want to stop their suffering, like with an intolerable skin irritation, but provide them with the best and most natural solution you can find. Beneficial, effective AND safe. They rely solely on us to be cared for and deserve the very best.

That’s why you’re here!

For anxious dogs, I’ve formulated a calming aromatherapy blend and dogs respond beautifully. Do thunder and storms terrify your dog? Highly anxious?  This may calm and comfort. 

Skin issues are always worrying because there’s so many reasons why.  I will always investigate their food first and foremost, then environmental triggers for allergic reactions.  What I can offer your fur babies though may gently soothe the skin, aid in the healing, reduce the severity and irritation of unpleasant symptoms, but discovering the cause is best determined by a dog loving professional.

I recommend you try the speciality natural soap with neem and Chamomile natural soap with neem and Chamomile then follow with the herbal dog skin balm.

If your dog is constantly licking paws, add sea or mineral rich sea salt, vinegar and water to a container to dip paws in after contact with grass. When it’s not sore to touch, apply the balm between the toes and pads. Apply anywhere there are bald patches or skin irritation regardless of the cause.

Mites, Mange, sores are some of the conditions I’ve seen improved.

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