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Terms And Conditions

Now for some necessary yada yada…

You understand this product has not been scientifically tested (When I make my first million) and the only results we have are from personal experience, friends and family giving feedback. (Always positive).

Results may vary for each individual. You understand that anyone may have allergic reactions to any number of ingredients in any products and Aromatic Essentials will not be held liable for any reaction any individual may have. Read the instructions for application and to test for sensitivity.

That is not to say we don’t care, so if you do have any reaction whatsoever, please let us know. To date, no person has stated they have had any negative reactions.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs and talk to your health care professional (naturopath is best).

This product is still in testing stage and by clicking agree to the Terms and Conditions, you understand that although these products use 100% natural ingredients, sometimes individuals will have a sensitivity to an ingredient. If you do suffer, a  naturopath can determine what environmental allergens you cannot tolerate (People suffering spring allergies may wish to keep this in mind).

You may email with this quick and easy form and contact Aromatic Essentials.

If you would like to share your personal experiences and give testimony for others, please see Testimonials.

You understand that this website does not represent any other business and all content is true to the best of our knowledge. However it is not to be used in place of professional medical advice or diagnoses. Aromatic Essentials will not be held liable for any consequence of using this website or any of the products.

Aromatic Essentials does not lay claims to heal any condition or disease you may have, but testimony from others supports its use in alleviating uncomfortable symptoms of sometimes unknown origin.

You = person using the product.

We = Aromatic Essentials

Thank you,

Penny – Owner / Operator of Aromatic Essential