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Aromatic Essentials soaps contain a specially formulated combination of natural plant oils. I use the ancient soap-making method called “Cold Process”. Real soap has 3 main parts – oils, water and lye, which has been used for centuries in soap making. The lye is mixed with the natural plant oils until it ‘saponifies’, and transforms into Soap. All of the lye is consumed by the oils and after curing for around 4 weeks, that ends the process. I never use chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate, or other artificial foaming agents and I do not use palm oil in any form. These are High Quality skincare products which are vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal or insect derivatives and are cruelty free. All the ingredients are listed on each soap description page.

Yes. Nominate Pick-up at the time of order placement on the checkout page.
Orders can be collected by appointment, made either by email, text or facebook message. I rarely use the phone, so calling is fruitless.
When your order is ready, I will let you know by replying to your first contact.
You will be required to bring the printed copy of the invoice with you as confirmation.

Many of the products lack the chemicals required to keep the oil and water from separating (thankfully), so the bottle must be shaken before use. You can only do this if there is room.

If something is sold out when you order, a replacement will be sent either a different fragrance or something similar. If that doesn’t happen, then you will be issued with a gift card to the amount of the item missing or a Paypal refund if that was your payment method. If time is a luxury then I will email you to ask which you prefer. The main goal for me is to get your order in the post with no time delay.
If you notice something wrong with your order, please take a photo and send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll make things right!

If you have received a gift card or discount code, all you need to do is visit Aromatic Essentials Shop, choose what you want to buy, add it to the cart, then when you checkout you will see the space for a voucher or discount code. Write or paste your code into the box and your discount will be applied.
Gift cards and vouchers can not be used in combination or with other offers. One gift card or voucher per order only.

Not right now. Aromatic Essentials is only available to people within Australia. All products through China for instance, are tested on animals as a requirement. I adhere to a strict rule on NO animal testing and No animal cruelty and although I might be missing out on big opportunities and wider exposure, my ethics come before profit and will do every time. Occasionally I will send products to UK and U.S.A where I have friends, animal testing is not a requirement.

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