Bamboo Tooth brush and Tooth Powder


Natural Herbal Toothpowder and Bamboo Tooth brush.

The perfect gift for someone who always forgets to take a toothbrush. This natural bamboo tooth brush has soft bristles and is eco friendly. It cleans teeth, tackles plaque build up and lasts a VERY long time.

No Chemicals, no mineral oils, no petrochemicals, All natural, keeps teeth clean, assists with hardened plaque and freshens breath. Sensitive teeth can be improved. 60ml glass jar. 

How to use

Sprinkle powder onto a wet toothbrush and brush as you normally would. Rinse. My jar is my own so I just dip my brush lightly onto the powder. 


Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Arrowroot, Organic Stevia, Bentonite Clay, Organic Spearmint Leaves, Activated Charcoal, Ground Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cloves, Sea Salt. Pure Essential oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Clove leaf and Myrrh.

No sugar, it contains a sweet herb named Stevia (reported to be a remedy for Lyme Disease), Myrrh essential oil, plus Spearmint and Peppermint herb and Essential oils. Its all natural and although it is scrubby as it’s a powder, it is in fact more gentle than toothpaste. Spearmint also give it a nice taste and Peppermint, fresh breath.

Lots of anti-bacterial herbs and Myrrh, which is awesome for gum disease, mouth ulcers and the like. May be beneficial for people prone to sore throats. I recommend brushing your tongue daily with the powder too, after brushing your teeth. If you ate something very strong like Garlic, the powder will soak it up, molecule by molecule. Leave it on however long you want, then rinse. Restores bacterial balance and may even protect against bad breath and discoloured teeth.

Myrrh This biblical resin comes from trees and it is well-known for its ability to stop gum recession, prevent damage to the gums and teeth and prevent root exposure. 

Cloves have been used for thousands of years as a remedy to reduce issues associated with oral infections and with damaged or decaying teeth. Clove oil is a powerful antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-fungal agent that helps to cleanse the oral cavity and stimulate the repair and growth of any tissues that have been damaged, including receding gums. When used frequently, clove oil helps to stop bacterial action and disinfect the mouth.

Weight130 g

Tooth Powder 60ml, Bamboo Toothbrush, Tooth Powder with Bamboo Toothbrush


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