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Magnesium Oil v Bath v Cream. You will be SHOCKED!


Whilst researching this life changing mineral, Magnesium Chloride,
(MgCl2) , I discovered in depth, the efficiency of each carrier containing the Magnesium and it’s absorption levels via human skin.


A recent pilot study set out to determine whether magnesium in a cream could be absorbed transdermally in humans to improve magnesium status. Current formulations include magnesium oils and transdermal creams, from which the magnesium may be absorbed across the skin and into the systemic circulation.


Extensive studies of the Israel army with a magnesium-containing skin protectant cream (IB1) showed that magnesium is not absorbed through the skin…Oil based.

…compared to the lipophilic nature of a water and oil emulsion (lotion/Cream), Such as Aromatic Essentials brand – Magnesium Essentials. To discover why this brand is the best learn more…


The 34 subjects administered 10 mL of magnesium-rich lotion or placebo lotion three times daily over a period of three days.


The study tested the safety of repeated applications, including ruling out the transdermal permeation of magnesium, which may lead to a dangerous blood magnesium level, since the lotion contains magnesium sulphate. Other objectives included the detection of dermatological adverse effects, the assessment of application convenience, and the effect on daily activities.


The topical skin protectant lotion (IB1) containing magnesium was tested in a human study. Preclinical studies in several animal models have proven the protective efficacy of IB1. In a randomized, placebo-controlled phase I clinical study it was examined whether a magnesium-rich lotion, after repeated topical application, leads to changes in serum magnesium concentrations in 34 healthy volunteers.


To realise why this brand is the best learn more…


Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2 ) formulated in cream compared to MgCl2 in solution.


The transdermal permeation efficiency of magnesium from MgCl2 Cream1 and MgCl2 cream2 was studied across skin compared to the positive control MgCl2 water solution and the negative control phosphate buffer solution. The cream or solution equivalent to 2.76 mg of magnesium was applied per 2.52 cm2 of skin.

Samples were collected after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 24 hours and analyzed. The experiments were performed in triplicates. The results were analyzed using unpaired t-test. The cumulative magnesium permeation from magnesium Cream1 was 29.79 ± 13.92. Magnesium cream II, was 24.53 ± 9.98   Magnesium Oil/Water solution, and phosphate buffer across human skin after 24 h were found to be 6.18 ± 1.36, and 5.62 ± 1.83 respectively.

This study showed that a magnesium cream leads to statistically significant magnesium permeation compared with the two control solutions; Magnesium cream1 showed greater magnesium permeation than all other methods of topical application.

A formulated magnesium cream was able to successfully deliver the magnesium of pharmaceutical grade MgCl2 across human skin.


Transdermal magnesium may play an important role treating symptoms of sub-optimal magnesium status. 

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