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Palm oil free certification

Why I haven’t registered is because it is for individual products formulations to be submitted, and I had a couple hundred…. How would I keep soap coming if so much time was used elsewhere. I’m most certainly confident that Aromatic Essentials is eligible to be Certified by a Palm oil free organisation as it already has Certified Cruelty free and Certified Vegan standing.

You can’t always trust businesses claiming they are cruelty free, when the ingredients they use are not cruelty-free and that has not been investigated.



Do No Harm

is a powerful motto and one in which Aromatic Essentials stands by. 100% Cruelty free is more complicated than I could have imagined – however, it is worth attaining to give you peace of mind. It is just one way I can help, and make a difference, not a drop of Palm oil here and no animal has suffered in any way from start to finish.

If your current NATURAL skincare is made and sold only in Australia, promises PALM OIL free, cruelty free, (Not tested on animals included), where is their proof?

It would be too expensive though for a business minded person, to maintain all those features like Vegan, Palm oil free, Animal product free, Animal cruelty free, All Natural, Organic. Organic ingredients cost a fortune. So how can I do it all?

Well, It’s ALL about the profit margin, I guess. That’s why the discount offered to potential wholesalers has a limit at 20%. that’s my profit margin in total.   It is more important to me that people get to try something even a purist might be excited about. These products are made in small batches, all handmade and with so much love.

People over Profit!

If you want ALL those things without sacrificing a mortgage payment, stop RIGHT HERE.

You have arrived at the promised land. Where what you touch, feel and see is real. 
Sounds nice hey? but they’re just fancy words, it’s what’s inside my plain looking jar or bottle that really counts. The outside package is not the priority, but manufacturing something so beautiful and full of botanicals, herbs, plant oils, flower essences, crystals without anything fake, or cheap, or costly to the earth, or any living creature.

I doubt there is anything like Aromatic Essentials anywhere else.

The Dream

Well, that’s the dream, to create exactly that. I want to make the BEST and MOST affordable, 100% Natural, beautiful, nourishing skin food. This is my passion and what gets me out of bed each day.

I love knowing so much about natural products and all the interests in my life; like Aromatherapy, Herbalism, natural health remedies, animal care, gardening, harvesting herbs, body care, skin conditions and alternative health but I’d rather use the word Complimentary health because I’m into the whole “Let’s get back to nature” and simple, and real.  We all need that!