Soap – Packs of 4 – Buy in Bulk & save…

  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free
  • Organic
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Soap – Pack of 4 – Bulk Buy and Save


Affordable Option

New full size soaps

A whole new batch of natural soap in 4 packs.

Better than ever

Buy this pack and get one soap free basically. Can’t decide what soap to buy? I have so many soaps that still need labelling and I’m only one person so it’s easy for me to place soaps together to offer to you at a cheaper price.

All handmade with generous amounts of amazing nutrient rich oils to promote healing and radiance for your skin. If you don’t mind what variety of soap you get, you just want natural soap for your family, then this is it.

No labels, just soap! Each pack will contain different varieties of soap. 

AE soaps are most suitable for problem skin conditions, they improve the health of the skin by moisturising, giving it nutrition, soothing, protecting and making it so easy for your skin to love. There are no chemicals to start with, no toxic ingredients, no animal fats, no petroleum, no SLS, no artificial fragrances, preservatives or anything else. It would just be easier to tell you what it does have, and omit everything else.

All ingredients and varieties can be looked up here.

Weight 600 g

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