Castile Body Wash – All Natural

Suitable for all ages and for use as a Hand & Body Wash as well as a Shampoo, self care has never been so easy or healthy!

This is the perfect soap for dry, itchy skin, skin affected by eczema and dermatitis. Refills are also available to save money and packaging. Available in 250ml plastic bottles.

  • All Natural
  • Vegan
  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free


Organic local Olive oil Natural soap base, Distilled water, Rose water and vitamin E.

I’ve seen many other “natural” liquid soaps with a slew of artificial ingredients in them. Don’t be fooled. If you have sensitive skin, less is best and 100% natural is vital.

Have you seen our ECZEMA CREAM!

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This is the perfect liquid soap for dry, itchy skin, skin affected by eczema and dermatitis. 

  • 100% Natural
  • Certified Vegan
  • Examined Palm oil free
  • Certified Cruelty free

Wash Without Worry! Cleanse your skin, knowing your skin is only being exposed to the best!

Unlike commercial body washes that strip your skin of its natural oils thus over drying, causing wrinkles and dry flaking skin, Castile Body Wash keeps on giving.

Using only the very best ingredients, including Organic Olive Oil and Coconut Oil to help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema cause by chemical detergents, this soap is full of all the oils and extracts your skin needs to be its glowing healthy best!


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