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    Magnesium Creams and Lotions

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    The creams and Lotions contains an upgraded 25% Magnesium Chloride. Roll-on 50%
    For 3 x daily use or as required. Suitable for most people,This goes a long way. Ideal for massage therapy or rubbing on sore muscles anytime. Moisturises skin deeply, easily absorbed.
    Rub on legs at bedtime, to rest well.
    Apply at least twice during the day. Avoid eyes, open cuts and sensitive areas, mouth and nose. Although Magnesium is a quick skin healer, there are better, more comfortable products for that.

    Unlike other brands of Magnesium spray/oil, this one does not give you the horrible itchy, tingly feeling after spraying. AE’s has Aloe Vera, and skin soothing herbs to ensure it is fully comfortable to use.
    Eczema cream is an awesome skin healer for the whole family.

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