Aromatherapy Pendants with Essential oils

You can purchase a pendant with necklace alone or in a kit.

Kit Contains-

  • Pendant
  • 2 Pads
  • Chain or cord
  • Optional 1ml or 2ml Essential oil blend
  • Choose any blend or if you just want one essential oil (Lavender for example).

Blends are here.

aroma pendant-zirconia tree

These pendants are stainless steel, well made and come with pads to place inside for any essential oil blend you desire. You can wear it and breathe in the aroma, hang it up in the car or at home. The pendants are re-usable infinitely. Change the pads as often as you wish. Please choose any 100% pure aromatherapy blend listed, or you can add your own essential oils.

Some come with chains, others use hemp cord (lasts longer)

These chains are just ‘fashion jewellery’ so will discolour if worn all the time. Choose cord if you want to wear it daily.



Weight160 g

Inlclude essential oil blend, Just Pendant


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