Olive Wax

Oliv-Wax is an highly lipophilic (oil loving) active emollient, very similar to human sebum. Oliv-Wax is a multipurpose emollient totally 100% obtained from ultra-refined Pure

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About Me

I have 28 years experience in aromatherapy application and blending, soap making(although I no longer use Tallow!), cosmetic formulation and research. I still love to learn everything I can on alternative health and skincare, herbs, essential oils and natural cosmetic ingredients.

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It’s really vital

View this post on Instagram Listen to your body 🙂 A post shared by @ spiritualist_within on Nov 17, 2018 at 6:17pm PST

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My Suppliers

  Hemp Wholesale Australia aims to continue to educate people in the amazing properties of hemp and the enormous benefits that hemp provides. We believe

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So, why use Aromatic Essentials?

What is so great about Aromatic Essentials, apart from the products are vegan, and cruelty free, which also includes not tested on animals,. That was important to me and Aromatic E is Certified.
No palm oil, or beeswax.
Amazing herbal products.

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