A little about Aromatic Essentials

Aromatic Essentials was established in 1989 in the Southwest town of Harvey, Western Australia.

All started because local, natural products were few and far between. Due to there being no internet at the time, I was visiting every shop, chemist and health store around. If I did find suitable products for  my baby, there would be something missing, or something that should have been missing. The only nappy rash product available was Zinc cream. Johnson & Johnson were the market leaders, but mineral oil originates from petroleum and that to me was totally unacceptable for a young child.

I began by making a nappy balm with calendula flowers and beeswax and I loved it!!!
I had the desire, the motivation and an awesome library of natural therapy books. I still have them today! It extended to ordering EVERY book available from every library in Australia, until that list was exhausted. Practice makes progress.

I dip my fingers into everything (not always literally, haha) balms, creams, lotions, hair products, soaps, crystals, aromatherapy and distilling, gardening, esoterical, spiritual, Reiki, designing, really all natural therapies.

My other passion was making aromatherapy, hand dipped, beeswax candles. I entered shows with my hand carved, colourful candles and won First and Second place awards. That was fun!

These days though, every one of my hundred odd products is 100% Vegan. Thank God for that, as back then, I was using beef tallow as my soap base. I would collect the grizzly fat from my local butcher weekly and render it down. Even the thought of that now makes my stomach turn. I eventually turned to vegetable oil, but even that was crude compared to the beautiful, luxurious, finest in the world, organic plant oils I use now.

My Mission – To make the VERY BEST – affordable to EVERYONE.
I know what it’s like to constantly miss out on the best ORGANIC skin and hair care products due to the price, and that’s why my profit margin is irrelevant. Money has never held much importance to me, even through poverty, but being in a small community meant we could do a great deal of trade without it. Local Energy Transfer System was a life saver. After my second child was born, they took priority and I took a break for almost a decade. 2013 and empty nest syndrome gave me more time and energy for new and exciting creations and the love of learning more than ever. Passion reignited and still a strong flame.

People and Pets over profit.
As long as I (more often than not) break even, I can continue to make these amazing products to help people who need it. I spend all my money on the finest ingredients I can source and I am totally committed to my craft. This is how I use my gift to give back to the world. I do it for the love, for sure.

To make the world a better place, you must be that change. 
If I were to put a price on my products which included a wage for myself, rent, electricity, fancy packaging, etc. you could expect to pay around $68 for my $15 jar. More if a stockist adds a mark-up (Chemists often have a 100% markup).

Think about this, someone else makes a skin cream with 90% olive oil, and 1% each of Jojoba, Hemp seed, Argan, the label might look similar, even the price might be too, but my nutrient rich, high end ingredients make up the whole of the product, not just enough to allow the inclusion for marketing…again profit, not passion. That’s where we differ, it’s all about the percentages. Water is usually the number 1 ingredient in a lotion, mine is infused with flowers or herbs – rose, sandalwood, lavender, or chamomile, as theres no nutrient value in water and what a huge percentage to miss out on (up to 75%). I add proportions that will make a huge difference to your skin and YOU and the nutrient content available is 100%.

I always think, “It’s what inside that counts”.

all awesome

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